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Foresight Constructions’ organised and planned processes ensure that your project progresses efficiently and professionally from initial design concept to final completion, with minimal disruptions or unsolicited costs and surprises.


It all begins with you making contact with our front office, please go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page if you would like to make an enquiry.


Our Building consultant will discuss your project with you.  It is here where we will determine how best to approach your Building Project Requirements.  You will complete a Pre Qualification Client Survey to clarify your specific needs and wants, and to ascertain how best Foresight Constructions can meet these


Your Building Project will begin to form as we put in place the design and construction elements with a cost estimate for your works.  This process is in depth as we negotiate best price and quality for your project.  Together, we can either work with our Building Consultant, or work with your own Drawings and Custom designed Plans,  defining and refining every element to ensure we are within specific time, budget and design requirements.

You will be able to read over the Cost Estimate prior to signing it and formalizing it into a Contractual Agreement.  It is here where changes can be made, requests altered and ideas are negotiated so we can ensure that you are comfortable with all the aspects of your building project.


Your Building Project will now come to life as we begin the process of Construction Works.  Foresight Constructions becomes your building partner as we, together, build your project, constantly liaising with and informing you of its progress, each step of the way.


Upon completion of your building project, Foresight Constructions will walk through each and every aspect with you, ensuring all works are performed as expected and required.


On completion, Foresight Constructions ask that you complete a post construction survey so we may monitor, in retrospect, how the project ran as a whole, as we continually strive to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

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